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- 3.3.5a RoS Wrath of the Lich King Realm by Feenix / WoW One -

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Realm of Shadows Available Packages

1500 Gold
€5.25 EUR (about $5.70 USD)

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2500 Gold
€8.75 EUR (about $9.51 USD)

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3500 Gold
€12.25 EUR (about $13.3 USD)

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5000 Gold
€17.50 EUR (about $19.0 USD)

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7500 Gold
€26.25 EUR (about $28.5 USD)

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10000 Gold
€35.50 EUR (about $38.5 USD)

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15000 Gold
€52.50 EUR (about $57.0 USD)

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20000 Gold
€70.00 EUR (about $76.0 USD)

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30000 Gold
€105 EUR (about $114 USD)

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40000 Gold
€140 EUR (about $152 USD)

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Update: 28th June 2019: Realm of Shadows is long gone - We are providing services for Classic WoW US Gold now, especially for people looking for Accounts for Classic WoW EU. If playing the new Amazon Games MMORPG, visit Gold4Vanilla to get lots of coin for New World.

Update 12th May 2017: Huge, more than 3.5x price reduction per 1000g for Realm of Shadows Wrath of the Lich King Feenix server. Available for Alliance & Horde. Enjoy :-)

We are the oldest Feenix / WoW one gold sellers, starting with Warsong & Archangel 3 years ago. Realm of Shadows a.k.a RoS is the newest Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a (WotLK) realm by Feenix / WoW One. We are here to provide our services for this brilliant realm which excedeed everyone's expectations in terms of population and scripting.

We are always interested to partner with Realm of Shadows gold sellers. Check the gold farmers page.

General Question Answers - for buying gold on Icecrown

1. How fast is the gold delivery?

- If we are online, it's almost instant or few minutes. Otherwise we deliver as soon as we come online, no more than a few hours.

2. What about the pricing?

- The price is higher right now because everyone needs gold at the moment and the supplies are drained quickly, this is for balance. It will gradually go down as the realm progresses forward.

3. What can you say about RoS trade safety?

- We are providing gold for most feenix realms for more than 3 years. We never had even a single issue with any Feenix realm, making it 100% safe.

4. And our Refund Policy is...

- We strive to deliver as fast as possible and in most cases instantly upon payment verification. For your own satisfication our refund policy is, if you don't get the gold within maximum of 24 hours you can get your money back by simply e-mailing us!

Realm of Shadows Client Reviews

Alliance farming su*ks

Mike Lefford leeroymike***@aol.com (4th April 2017)

Alliance always su*ks for gold farming, don't know why. Thanks for supplying me

Better gear than most

Stephen Olsson olson35****@hotmail.se (17th March 2017)

I have better gear than most of my guildies thanks to Gold4Shadow

Thanks for the discount

Kevin Hall k.nicky****@gmail.com (26th February 2017)

Thanks for the discount. Was waiting for it before making any purchase ;)

Gold farming takes the joy out of me

Jay McMillan forzamill****@googlemail.com (21th February 2017)

I'm a casual gamer and only have few hours each day to play coz of work. Gold farming takes the joy out of me so i wasn't hesitant to use your website.

No one else had gold for sale, so...

Devin Abbatessa abatiey101****@outlook.com (16th February 2017)

On my first look i though damn that's pricey... but no one else had any gold for sale so... :P

Thanks for making it easy

Thomas Ortman tommy*****@gmail.com (3rd February 2017)

Thanks for making it easy. Fell in love with this server right away lol

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